Global Community Hearts

Our GLOBAL COMMUNITY HEARTS  produces complete and customized community health programs in areas where health disparities exist.  Not only will you be working with a  fantastic event planner, Gilda is one semester away from earning her Masters of Public Health from City of New York, Lehman College, School of Public Health.  You will be working with someone who knows how to run the show, but she also understands the academic side of why, where, how and for whom you run the show.

Gilda’s team works side by side with you to build and execute a comprehensive public health program that addresses disease awareness and employee volunteerism.

The team handles all logistics, including:

•Analyzing community needs
•Conceiving and developing concepts and program design
•Establishing and maintaining relationships with agencies and organizations
•Managing program implementation and volunteer activities
•Creating and overseeing fund-raising strategies and plans
•Identifying potential funding sources
•Producing and maintaining records and reports
•Identifying new initiatives and partnerships
•Preparing and reconciling grants
•Managing budgets
•Producing and printing educational materials
•Executing health fairs,educational videos,and training programs





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